About Us

Evolution Dance Company is a leading Afro-Latin dance studio in Cape Town, South Africa.

It was established by Angus Prince in late 2004 after spending a few years in and around the Cape town Salsa scene.

Having grown up to dancing parents in his home town of Port Elizabeth, Angus rebelled against the pressure to dance for a long time until he saw a newspaper ad advertising for a dance partner.

The gutsiness of the ad stood out to him and his response triggered a 5-year Ballroom & Latin dance journey which was to shape the rest of his life.

Angus moved to Cape Town in 2001 to pursue an opportunity in his day job as a technology consultant and stumbled into a Salsa club in Cape Town soon after his arrival in the Mother City.

Three weeks after his first lesson, Angus placed third in a local competition and this sparked a lifelong pursuit of knowledge in the Afro-Latin music and dance industry.

Evolution Dance has been operating from it’s home in Harfield Village, Cape Town since 5 November 2013 and we are excited to have you all join us in this magical dance journey.