Our System & Levels

The Evolution System of instruction is the product of 20 plus years of dance training and more than 15 years of experience in consulting, facilitation, and corporate training.

It is focused on core competencies at each level of dance but the levels are defined somewhat differently.

The key to success is continuity because Evolution by definition is a slow process that changes you without you even noticing that it’s happening.

We have defined our levels below and have indicated more traditional level indicators for the sake of comparison.

Level 1 – Foundations

The Foundation level is designed for absolute beginners and is focused on the core elements of dance.

The focus is on getting you moving and getting you comfortable while giving you a solid understanding of the basics of your chosen dance.

These elements include timing, basic movements and hand positioning that form the building blocks of the dance.

This level is also well suited for people who are looking to get active after a long time and are looking for a light, fun way to get moving.

Level 2 – Fundamentals

The Fundamentals level is aimed at Beginner & Improver level dancers primarily but is applicable to all levels.

The focus is on combining the elements of dance explored at the Foundation level by applying core concepts of connection, balance, body movement among others to create functional movements instead of trying to memorise long sequences of steps.

It is also a suitable level for experienced dancers in other genres who are looking to crossover to Afro-Latin dances to get immersed into the specific techniques related to the street Latin dance forms.

Level 3 – Flow

The Flow level is about connecting the dots and taking the concepts you have brought from the Foundations & Fundamentals levels and turning it into smooth, danceable combinations that allow the dancers to connect to the music and of course, each other.

This level is also about immersing yourself into the music and starting to understand how the instruments impact your movement.  This would result in musical awareness, a better connection to the music and ultimately a more creative and enjoyable dance experience for you and your partner.

This level is geared towards dancers who are comfortable with their own movement, the timing and the core elements and concepts of a particular genre.

Level 4 – Funk

This is where we get funky! Musicality and interpretation are the order of the day with a specific focus on moving to the music.

This will sometimes take the form of “choreography” to illustrate the concepts or be completely “off this cuff” with us choosing from a selection of music on the day.

The idea is to apply the music immersion concepts and knowledge of instruments and song structure to your own dance.

This level is geared toward Intermediate to Advanced dancers

Level 5 – Fire

The Fire level a level focused on choreography and performance skills.  This level combines all the concepts of the other levels into a completely immersive experience which may involve movements from multiple dances in one particular session.

Performance is not a prerequisite, but the focus is on a more serious level of training for a more advanced dancer who wants more from their dancing and training.

This level is an invitation level and will also set individual outcomes based on more personal dance goals as identified during the program.